Spring Clean

Beloved readers,

I have become entrenched in a stale marriage with Blogger. The layout is just plain ordinary and we don’t have exciting transmissions anymore. Thus I have decided to embroil myself in a torrid affair with WordPress.

I will be moving this blog to the sexier environs of https://ladyredjess.wordpress.com in the near future. If, by chance, you click on this link and it transmits you to a black hole, that means the exporting has gone tits up and that I will be sitting quietly at my desk, trying to figure out what to do next.

Hopefully however, my vast and superior knowledge of all things technical will ensure a smooth breakup and an intact set of crockery.


One Response to “Spring Clean”

  1. Yay! A move to WordPress is a life-changing thing, my dear. I shall look forward to welcoming you into our warm online-publishing bosom.

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