Latest Favourite Things

It’s almost Friday, at the end of another week of writing (a poem and first draft of an essay), work (report writing for a research project), running, dancing, skating and sceptics group. I just can’t ever seem to get enough sleep and am about to cry with tiredness, so to get through to the weekend, I thought I should post (a la The Sound of Music) some of my latest favourite things:

  1. Morning runs on writing days.

  2. My giant sun/rain umbrella with clouds on the inside.

  3. My latest acquisitions from Nude Footwear, being some subtly shiny Endless Love peep toes which I shall pair with my Collette Dinnigan frock, and Silverdrops in pink which I will wear with my floaty Sacha Drake dress. Every time I find a new Nude style on StyleTread my heart beats a little faster.

  4. The silhouette of the kentia palm against the cream blinds when I stagger up at 6am. There has to be some kind of reward for a non-morning person getting up this early.

  5. My new rollerblades. It’s hard to look like a girl in skates, helmet and knee, elbow and wrist pads, but I have sourced socks with tiny bows and stripes, and I’m looking for a cute t-shirt to match.

  6. My KeepCup from A&S, so I can drink coffee and do a little for the planet.

  7. My new phone which, according to H, is like having a Ferrari and driving it around in a paddock. He said the same thing about my laptop and I ignored him then too.

  8. Smelling of chocolate when I use Palmer’s cocoa butter moisturiser.

  9. The hullaballoo of fruit bats along the creek as they unfold themselves for evening flights.

Almost the weekend ā€¦


2 Responses to “Latest Favourite Things”

  1. I’m sure you look incredibly feminine ANYTIME you go skating, Jess!

  2. ladyredjess Says:

    Awww, thank you Katy! I do my best šŸ™‚

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